Romantic Ruffle Simpress


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The Ruffle Cake is an example of cake decoration that is timeless and will always be popular as a charming and impressive style everyone enjoys. The inconvenient truth concerning this celebrated cake texture is that it can take quite a long time to create and precision is a must to achieve the right look.

Marvelous Molds, known around the world for our prowess in creating fabric like textures for decorated cakes, is proud to introduce our new, “Romantic Ruffle Simpress™.” Now you can create an easy to apply panel of perfectly formed ruffles that will cover a cake from the bottom to the top in one application. The process to create this ruffled panel mold was intense and only when the gathered fabric appearance was captured completely did we then immortalize the design in the form of a silicone mold. Unlike other tools that form single rows of pleated fondant designs, the Romantic Ruffle Simpress™ creates five perfect ruffles at one time. The details created by the Romantic Ruffle Simpress™ represent real gathered ruffles that billow and fold in a way that is authentic, impressive and well…. romantic! If you liked our knit line of molds, you will love the new Romantic Ruffle Simpress™.


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